Do's and Don'ts When Wearing False Lashes

False lashes are a great way to add a dramatic touch to your look, but it's important to apply and care for them correctly. In this blog post, we'll go over some things you should know when wearing false lashes! 


  • Don't apply lashes without trimming them to the length of your eye.
  • Don't use too much glue, apply a thin layer to the lash band to avoid it getting all over your eye. 
  • Don't load mascara on under your lashes, instead apply a thin layer or none at all!
  • Don't cut the inner corner of your lashes, instead trim from the outside. 
  • Don't get your eyes wet, a splash of water won't hurt the lashes but avoid overexposure to water. 


The DO'S

  • Do clean your lashes, and remove any old lash glue from the lash band. 
  • Do carry extra lash glue and a travel mirror in your purse to fix your lashes when on the go. 
  • Do choose your lashes based on your eye shape. Wearing the right lash will help accentuate your eyes. In a future blog post, we will break down all the different eye shapes. 
  • Do allow for the lash glue to dry before applying. Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky then start putting them on. 
  • Do store lashes in their packaging after they're worn.